Fun Summertime Ideas To Keep The Kiddos Busy

the-simple-thingsSummertime Fun Ideas To Keep The Kiddos Busy

I bought an inexpensive slip and slide the other day while grabbing a birthday gift for my daughter’s friend. It was just one of those random items that catches your eye at the toy store and cause a quick flashback of fun from your own childhood. I figured I could pull it out on a boring summer day to give the girls something new to play. Well, we got it out yesterday and they absolutely loved it! It also got me thinking about what other fun flashback activities I could come up with and have on hand or at least a list of for the right time. I came up with a pretty long list and most required little or no cost, just some thought and ingenuity!.

Here’s my list:

  • Kick the Can (or Ball)- We get the whole neighborhood playing!
  • Hula Hoops- Mom can showoff her skills and teach a few tricks to the young-ins!
  • Bubble Putty- I found this the other day at the dollar store!
  • Silly Putty- Not as unfamiliar but still fun, especially the newspaper trick!
  • Build a Fort- I used to do this with myΒ neighborhood friends every summer.
  • Cup Phones- The best part was trying to set them up!
  • Kites- Even better than buying one, make it!
  • Boomerang- My girls though I was nuts when I told them about these. The first thing out of my youngest mouth was, “Where’s the batteries?”.
  • Clapping Games- DO you remember these!? Sitting in a circle or just two of you, either way they were always fun!
  • String Games- The Cat’s eye, cat in the cradle
  • Lanyard- A Girl Scouts staple!
  • Braiding- Another of my favorite activities as a kid.
  • Cup Squirt Gun Races- A clothes line works great for this!
  • Tea party- A little downtime for the princesses.
  • Simon Says- I’m always amazed at how many kids have never hear of this game.
  • Red Rover- This one too! I played this everyday at recess in elementary school.
  • Red Light Green Light- Great game to get the kiddos out from under your feet and playing in the yard;)

What do your kiddos enjoy? I’d love to hear from you!



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