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Welcome to my neck of the mitten (Michigan humor😜)! 


I’m Jessica, a wife, mother, baker, and obsessed crafter working on my organizational skills. Most days, you’ll find me homeschooling my two girls while working at home and, of course, here sharing how you can make everyday life easier.

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Who Would Have A Blast With Me?

Yep, I said it! All we can do is our best and be reasonable to ourselves let’s just accept the fact that “things” are going to happen. Now that’s not to say there are not great resources to help us along the way (I’ll totally be sharing my best finds), but lets save our sanity she’ll we and enjoy the importing things in life.

P.S. I list this first because, and I’m sure you can guess if you’ve seen my about page, I’m a parent!

I love sharing all of our adventures and tips on making life easier for parents BUT absolutely not a requirement. You’ll learn that I’m a mom of many layers, including many that have nothing to do with the kiddos 😉

Ekk! And I’m calling myself out here. My obsession for all things project related and failed attempts of finding more hours in a day has left me will a closest (ok, maybe more like a room 🙈) full of unfinished crafts and and wonderfully thought out DIY projects. If you can relate, you are in the right place! Let’s combat this challenge together!

I’m the happy medium type. You know, someone who is committed to reasonable changes or expectations. I’m not jumping on to the no sugar ever again boat because I know I can’t maintain that long-term. But, I will absolutely start cutting back, being more aware of what items are heavy offenders, baby steps toward my goal.  

Are you with me? I want to succeed, I want my family to succeed so no crash anything here just great resources with reasonable and useful health benefits.

Yes, the days of pitching a tent and laying on the grown all for that million dollar view have passed me by. These days I love the great outdoors but bring our traveling pendulum on wheels! It may not be as classy as the Griswold’s but we like it just the same 😜

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