Meet The Family


This little cutie is my baby girl, Taylor Raye. She is a curious four-year old with the energy of a small army! Aside from her daily adventures and some usually unavoidable mishaps, you will find her singing and dancing to the latest country tunes while bouncing around our house:)



My biggest baby girl is Hayden Diane, AKA “Elly May”! She is nine-years old and in 4th grade. Unlike her little sister, Hayden is a bit less daring when it comes to adventures. While she enjoys her share of crazy fun, she prefers not to push her luck too far;)




Finally, My hubby, DJ. He is the rock of our family and the most fun-loving man I have ever known. We are middle school sweethearts (yep that’s right, middle school:) and have known each other more than half our lives. He would be the reason this city girl has gone country!




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