DIY Christmas Tree Décor

DIY Christmas Tree Décor Roundup

DIY Christmas Tree Décor Roundup It ROUNDUP time! Let’s talk Christmas. It will be here before you know it and who doesn’t like to be ahead of the game?! I love a decorated house and I find myself getting new

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How to be a better role model

How To Be a Better Role Model

Parenting is challenging. While you may not be able to control how your children turn out, there are plenty of ways that you can help them get on the right track. You might not realize it, but your kids are watching

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Beach Days Made Easy

Love beach days but dislike all the work? Not a problem! I have a few helpful and fun tips that will make your family’s trip to the beach a breeze. From the sunscreen to the snacks we will help you

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Colorado Bound in a Hurry!

Let’s break it down. So far, I have had two ski lessons with my boyfriend Brett. We had some trials and tribulations with getting over the embarrassment of being a 20-something-year-old learning next to 5-year-olds on a bunny hill. We

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Ski Lesson 2.0!

We’re back  at Caberfae for ski lesson 2.0! Hold on to your hats because this is going to get interesting! A few weeks later Brett and I head back up north to Caberfae. This time Brett’s whole family is staying

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Eating Healthy on a Budget

Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive! Now that we are halfway into March and our New Years resolutions have either been a success or a work in progress, the newness of eating healthy has slightly diminished and we are

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