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Ski Lesson 2.0!

We’re back  at Caberfae for ski lesson 2.0!

Hold on to your hats because this is going to get interesting!

A few weeks later Brett and I head back up north to Caberfae. This time Brett’s whole family is staying at his family cabin with us because we are celebrating Bretts 27th birthday. They are all giving me tips and tricks before Brett and I head to Caberfae for my ski lesson. This time I am a bit more nervous. I only have a couple of weeks before we leave for Colorado and this will be my last time skiing before we leave. I feel so much pressure to do well because if I can’t make it here how on earth can I make it in Colorado.

Skipping the bunny hill

We get to Caberfae and we skip the bunny hill..goodbye old friend. And we go straight to the green run. I am slightly nervous for the ski lift but everything goes well and my boyfriend doesn’t use my leg as leverage this time. We get to the top and we ski down. Brett is behind me coaching me and giving me tips. We go down this run a few times and I am feeling ok but not great. Our last time down the hill Brett veers unexpectedly to the left…which does not take you to the base but takes you to a BLUE run. Remember folks, blue hills are for people that know what they are doing..not me.


So I stop and take a peek at what I’m working with and Brett goes ahead of me. There is a rather steep hill that I have to go down. I am not pleased. So I take a deep breath and whisper, “you can do this.” I take one step and immediately fall and slide into the orange plastic fence. Luckily, only my ego was bruised as skiers on the ski lift above me are yelling, “YARD SALE!!” Apparently, that is skier etiquette for when people have big falls! They like to let EVERYONE know haha. So I am enraged and entangled in this orange plastic fence with my boyfriend nowhere to be seen and my ego bruised as can be. I am trying not to cry when I finally wrangle myself free and slowly slide down the rest of the hill where my unsuspecting boyfriend is waiting.

Losing It!

I immediately lose it and ask why on earth he took me this way when I’m not ready. His response was, “you have to push yourself a little bit.” At this point I just want to get to the base I am an emotional wreck and am feeling so scared that if I can’t make it down a measly hill how am I going to make it in Colorado. So in order to get back down the hill, I have to go down the blue run and I am so angry that I push on and angry ski down the hill in defiance. I do fine. We get to the base and Brett asks if I want to go again and I just look at him. He does not need words to know my answer haha. HELL NO! I need an emotional break. So he goes a few more times while I cool down and look at the gift shop and contemplate my life haha.

Cooling down…

Brett returns after 30 minutes or so and I have had some time to cool down and get in a better headspace. We go to the cute little lodge and grab a beer. I am starting to feel better or at least not on the verge of tears. Brett is so patient with me and I apologize for being a crazy person. We talk about all the good things I accomplished that day and I leave feeling less pressure. The next time I ski will be in Colorado. YIKES! 

Wish me luck! Ski Lesson 3.0 will debut in Colorado!

Let’s Talk!

Has anyone had a similar emotional experience when they tried something new?



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