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10 Fall Outdoor Activities for Families

Fall is a fabulous time of year for family-friendly activities! There are so many things you can do with your kids in the months of October and November, especially outdoors. The best part? You don’t even need a lot of money to enjoy most of these fabulous fall outdoor activities. 

No matter where you live or how old your children are, chances are you’ll find at least a few of these outdoor activities enjoyable.

1. Fall Scavenger Hunts

If you want a fun but free fall activity for your family to enjoy, plan a fall scavenger hunt! These family outdoor activities are the perfect way to disguise learning as a game. What’s more, scavenger hunts are a great way to encourage family members to work collaboratively and practice communication skills. 

Fall scavenger hunts add in unique items that are specific to this time of year, like multiple colors of leaves, acorns, and fall plants. Try to include as many items as you can think of (check out this list if you are struggling to come up with ideas), and pick a location that lets you all spread out to look for things. If you want to make it competitive, you can also offer a fun, fall-themed prize to the family member who locates the most items on their list.

2. Gardening

Believe it or not, gardening is a great fall outdoor activity to enjoy with your kids. It’s a great way to teach children about the plant life cycle, not to mention it encourages everyone to get their hands dirty and work!

There are tons of family outdoor activities you can do in the garden. For example, you can clear out your flower beds and prepare them for spring planting. Or, if you like to plant bulbs, then fall is the perfect time to do this so they are ready to grow in the spring. You can also rake up leaves for compost, start building a new bed or raised garden, or harvest fall vegetables you are growing. 

3. Orchard Visits

Fall means it is time for harvest, and many orchards across the United States offer apple picking sessions for families. There usually isn’t an admission fee, just a cost based on the quantity of apples you pick. It’s a great way to get out as a family and do something different. Also, you can always make up a fresh apple pie or any other fall treat once you get home from enjoying all of your fall outdoor activities.

4. Family Picnics

Now that the weather is cooler, it’s the perfect time to pack a family picnic and take it to the park. Kids enjoy the novelty of picnic lunches, and it is much cheaper than eating out. Besides, picnic lunches work well with many of the other activities on this list, which means you get to enjoy even more outdoor activities with the kids!

Before you head out, you can have the kids help you pack the picnic, and you can even try to have some fun with it. In fact, you can even throw in some fun Halloween-themed cake pops for dessert!

5. Bonfires

Nothing says outdoor fall activities like eating s’mores by the fire, so why not make that a reality for your family? Fall bonfires are a great way to clear out tree branches, enjoy the cooler weather, and unplug from technology for one night. The best part? They don’t cost a thing as long as you have a backyard.

If you want to make it an all-night event, you can use the fire to cook dinner. Then you can tell stories or sing songs as you enjoy the night sky, whip up some s’mores, and play charades. There’s a lot you can do with the light of a campfire, and kids love spending time outside while watching the flames, especially if you add some color.

6. Raking Up Leaves

Yes, raking leaves is a chore. However, it’s also one of those fall outdoor activities many of us remember from our childhoods. Kids love collecting the leaves, tossing them around, and jumping in them. It’s something your family can literally do for hours — and you’ll have a blast while doing it!

If your kids are younger, you can buy some child-sized rakes and let them “help” you rake the leaves. If they’re older and not as excited about playing in the leaves, you can still turn it into an enticing event by offering some extra spending money or making it a contest to see who can collect the most leaves. Then, once you’re done, you can play soccer or another sport in the backyard!

7. Hiking

If your family enjoys weekend activites, fall is the perfect time of year to hit the trail. Hiking trails provide the perfect chance to see fall foliage along with lots of other breathtaking scenery. You and your kids will enjoy the beautiful, colored leaves and the time to bond together as a family.

If you live near a state or national park, you can check out the trails there. Otherwise, you can utilize greenway trails in your area or Google great hiking trails in your area. Just make sure everyone wears appropriate footwear and brings along a jacket.

8. Pumpkin Patches

When I think about fall family outdoor activities, pumpkin patches are often the first thing that comes to mind. Many farms set up large areas for fall family activities and then let you pick your own pumpkin or select a pumpkin from the ones they’ve already picked. If you play your cards right, this can easily be an all-day activity filled with fun and picture-perfect family moments together.

Although these aren’t always free, they’re worth the expense. And, after you return home, you can carve your pumpkins or use the pumpkins in a fabulous fall recipe!

9. Graveyard Tours

If you have older children or history buffs in your home, fall graveyard tours may be a great thing to add to your list of fall outdoor activities. Although some of these operate like haunted houses, some are designed as more of a history lesson filled with information. Either option can be fun, depending on your children and their interests.

10. Camping

Camping is another one of those family outdoor activities that is perfect for the fall. The cool, crisp air is perfect for sleeping, and you can do a lot outside throughout the day and into the evening.

It also can be as elaborate or simple as you want. You can pitch a tent in your backyard or take the RV out to a state park for an entire weekend. You can also combine camping with several of the other fall outdoor activities on this list, which means you can plan an entire weekend of bonding and fun.

What Outdoor Activities WIll You Enjoy This Fall?

Fall is a fabulous time for family fun, and these activities will absolutely provide your children with lots of options to choose from. All you need are some light jackets and a day with nothing going on so you can dig into these fun fall adventures with your kids.



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