Whole30 Week 3


This is it! Your Tigerblood should be arriving any day now! If you have started this program with pretty good nutrition and exercise you may feel like you have all the energy in the world right now. Your energy levels are up, you might not be getting that headache in the middle of the day  and you’re able to kick up your workouts even more.

For others, Tigerblood may not feel like a surge of crazy energy. It may feel like a sense of accomplishment. You feel like you have finally got the hang of this. Your confident in your nutrition and fitness. You are seeing steady progress from day to day, your clothes are fitting better and you are just feeling good!

Of course, you may not get a surge of Tigerblood or see dramatic results at the start of your third week but you will. Everyone feels different during these 30 days. If you have had a long history of unhealthy eating habits, a medical condition or a stressful lifestyle you may experience these effects on a smaller scale that is more gradua. Look for small improvements.Slow and steady wins the race!

Food Boredom

Day 21: Your at the beginning of your third week and you are so over food right now. The thought of having another breakfast of eggs and compliant bacon is so underwhelming. You love how your body is responding and the progress you are making but you are experiencing food boredom! Some people get so bored with their food that they lose their appetite all together for a couple days. Food boredom is a recipe for disaster and you need to fight through this. Check out some new recipes in The Whole30 Cookbook by Melissa Hartwig or on Instagram at Whole30recipes. I personally have made several dishes from whole30recipes and each one was delicious. They will reignite your taste buds and get you through the next couple weeks.  

Say No to the Scale!

You may find yourself longing to step on that scale. Just one time to see if i’m really making any progress! Don’t do it! This is not about scale victories, this is about doing something that is healthy for you. A small perk is that you may lose a little weight. In the long run we want you to walk away with information and education about your body and nutrition. It’s not only about losing the pounds. It’s about knowing what your body needs to be healthy and what may be hindering you in this process. Keep the scale in the back of your closet until day 31 and the scale victory will feel even better.

This is Week 3!

Let’s conquer it! You are feeling more confident in your nutrition, health and fitness. You get to experience victories whether they are big or small. Get past the food boredom and get excited about your meals again. Get rid of the old recipes that you are using just to get through the challenge and make cooking fun! Remember, stay off the scale!

Let’s Talk!

What are you thinking about most now that you are on your third week?

Are you experiencing food boredom?

Do you feel that tigerblood!?

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