Valentine’s Day & Whole30

“But it’s Valentines Day!” Your brain is telling you, “It’s okay to take the night off. It’s a special occasion!”

Don’t listen to those thoughts! You are almost done with week 2. That means you are just about halfway through the Whole30! Don’t let those sugar monsters get to you now. You can still have a delicious and COMPLIANT dinner with your significant other, go out and have a good time with friends or whatever you decide to do on Valentine’s Day!


No sweets, my sweet!

One thing you have to set in your mind is that you will not be indulging in sweets today. It’s just how it is. You can have sweets at the end of your 30 days. Who may not even want any once you are finished! Stranger things have happened!

Date Night In

A great option for dinner would be to stay in and cook a romantic meal for the two of you to share. That’s what my boyfriend Brett and I are doing! We decided to make Surf & Turf! Literally, my favorite meal and it’s all Whole30 compliant! We’re going to make filets with crab legs! I have Ghee that I will melt for dipping. I’m also going to make zucchini and compliant mashed potatoes for our sides! Doesn’t that sound delicious! I am literally drooling all over my keyboard right now, I can’t wait! As for my beverage of choice, since there is no alcohol allowed! Yes, even wine on Valentine’s day is a no go people! I will be drinking my favorite GTS Kombucha Lavender Love in a wine glass! Still has a classy vibe and is something other than water! It just goes to show that you can have an indulging, yet compliant dinner on Valentine’s Day!

Delivery — the Hybrid Option

If you don’t feel like cooking and don’t want to leave your house on the busiest restaurant night of the year, you could always go the food delivery route. Apps like Ubereats and DoorDash are cool because you can search them by meal or even by food. So for example, if you type “steak” into UberEats, you’ll get a list of the steak meals you can have delivered in your area. This makes it super easy to find Whole30 compliant meals. If you live in a rural area, give GrubHub a try. It’s an online ordering platform for restaurants that offer their own delivery — showing you lots of options in one place.

Dining Out

If you decide to dine out just make sure the restaurant you choose has food that you can eat! It would be a waste of two weeks if you get to the restaurant and all they have is chicken tenders, fries, and greasy burgers! Now, it is Valentine’s Day so you may be going for a bit fancier restaurant. This means that they will likely have mostly compliant foods for you! I would suggest ordering a protein and extra veggies instead of a starch. You could also order a salad and bring your own dressing! Nothing says romance like a container full of Primal Kitchen Ranch Dressing, am I right!? Haha

Take a minute…

Think about your Valentine’s Day plans! Make smart choices that won’t set you back. You have worked so hard! Keep it up and I promise you will still have an amazing Valentines Day!

Let’s Talk

What are your Valentines Day plans!?

What are you going to do to make sure you stay compliant!?


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