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Beach Days Made Easy

beach days made easyLove beach days but dislike all the work?

Not a problem! I have a few helpful and fun tips that will make your family’s trip to the beach a breeze.

From the sunscreen to the snacks we will help you create a fun day at the beach with less hassle and less sand in your food! lol 

First, We Snack!

Snacks are by far the most important part of a beach trip, besides sunscreen of course! Knowing what kind of snacks to pack that is going to be easy, quick and stay cold can be tricky. One great idea is to use plastic containers like old Coffeemate bottles to store goldfish crackers, pretzels, raisins or any other snack your kiddos might like. They will stay dry and spill-proof with a locked lid that is easily opened and closed.

Another fun snack that can be made ahead of time is fruit skewers. This is an activity that the kids can help with. Add some of your favorite fruits to a skewer and put in a storage container to keep in the cooler until you are ready to eat. Sandy hands? that’s okay! Hold onto the skewer and enjoy your fruit free of sand :). I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!!! What is better on a hot beach day than ice cream!? Scoop some ice cream into a large Ziploc and seal it shut. Once everyone is hot and needs a break from the sun. Whip out your bag of ice cream from the cooler and serve up a delicious cold snack! 

Keeping Cool

Keeping cool at the beach can be difficult. One great tip is to freeze water bottles ahead of time. Bring them with you in your cooler. They will help keep your food cold and provide some ice cold water when they slowly thaw. Bring an umbrella! The shade is key, especially if you are traveling to the beach with kids. Bring a large umbrella and secure it in the sand. You can use this as a play area for the kids, place your chair under for a break from the sun and keep your cooler under. One other helpful tip, keep your sunscreen in the cooler. When you need to reapply it will provide a nice cooling experience that will lower your body temperature. 

Sand Toys

If you are traveling to the beach with kids, sand toys can be very fun for the kids but just another thing to load in the car and drag down to the beach and back again for parents. Well, there are two things you can do to make your life just a bit easier. Put all the sand toys in a mesh basket so you and your children can visibly see what’s inside, it’s light and maybe, just maybe one of your kids can carry it down to the beach, or at least halfway haha.

The second option, fill a large Rubbermaid tub with your sand toys. It’s easy to carry, probably pretty light, and easy for kids to help clean up when they are done playing (ya right!) lol. Or you can dump all your sand toys out once you get to the beach, use some sand buckets to fill the Rubbermaid tub with water. This could be great entertainment for kids! You know how kids love filling up things! Walk down to the water, fill up the pail, dump water in the tub and repeat! Then, you have lots of water to rinse off sandy hands, feet, and anything else you might need to clean. Or you have a small swimming hole to play in haha. 

beach daysBeach Day Crafts

One great thing about going to the beach is all the cool stuff you find and want to bring home! Kids love searching for cool rocks and shells. Bring some home to use for a fun art project. You can make sand playdough and use some rocks and shells you found at the beach to make amazing sandcastles and other cool sculptures. Children can paint some of the rocks and shells that they collected at the beach. There are always fun arts and crafts just waiting to be made! Check out some of our favorites here.

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Now that you have some ideas to make your beach trip that much easier, get your sunscreen, sand toys and frozen water bottles and head to the beach! 

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Let’s talk!

Were these beach tips helpful?

What other things have you found helpful for an easy beach day?



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