My Run for Historian

November 29th, 2017


Today I had to do a speech for student council and I was trying to run for historian. So I had to the speech in front of third, fourth and fifth grades. It was very nerve racking because I never did a speech in front of people before.I was hoping to win but I didn’t. I was very close because I was in second place. But I can ask my teacher to be representative of the class.  



My Speech

Hi, my name is Hayden Evans and I would like to be your historian. I am in Ms. Easter’s fourth-grade class. My favorite subject is history. I love to read and draw. I think that I would make a good historian because I like to scrapbook and take photos with my Polaroid camera most of all. If I’m elected historian I will work hard to put together awesome photo collages of students and teachers here at Michigamme Elementary School. Go Little Chiefs.

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