How to Build a Fairy Garden on a Budget

DIY Fairy Garden

Let’s Build a Fairy Garden!

Over the last couple years, my oldest daughter has been very much into fairies and everything that entails. She has a Fairy door in her room that “Penelope”, her Fairey comes through to visit. She usually comes once every couple of weeks and sometimes brings a little gift but almost always leaves a note. Now if Hayden has been extra good and helpful around the house she may make a special visit. During Penelope’s visits, a small mess is usually made in the form of footprints or knocked over items in the room (for effect more or less:). So with this in mind, I decided to take it outside and create a fairy garden in our back yard!


It was very simple and “Green” more or less. I had both the kids pick out a plastic bottle to be the fairy house and a design they wanted. Hayden used a Mountain Dew 2 liter (she has an obsession with Michigan State right now:) and Taylor a Coke bottle. I also added to the garden with a Mott Apple juice bottle.

For details on how we made the houses check out our Fairy House post here!


The Garden


I placed the bottles in a corner flower bed in our backyard. We added brick pavers, some fun random flowering plants and solar lights for extra flair!  UPDATE: A few days later we can across little garden signs and benches at the local dollar store so naturally, we had to purchase them and add them to our fairy village.


 We then added fairy sized stepping stones throughout the garden. To make these I took a human sized (I know but I didn’t want any confusion) patio stone and smashed with a hammer. Then we spray painted the pieces a variety of colors to add to our fun and whimsical theme.

Finally, after playing around and having some design fun our garden was complete!

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  1. Hello Jessica, it is very simple and quick tips for kids. These activities are enjoyable with children. Surely, they will learn something new from these activities, making a fairy garden. I love your post. Thanks for this posting.

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