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So you might have caught my post last year about my new position at Ultimate Bundles. I haven’t shared a lot about the amazing bundles they put together but I excited to share one that is coming soon!

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2018

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2018

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This bundle is actually the one that caught my eye years ago and lured me for my first purchase! Now, that was obviously a different edition but the theme is the same each year with new and updated resources. 

I’ve had the privilege to review a lot of this year’s content and can I just say WOW! From the ebooks to ecourses and printables to videos, and Bonus offers–Mindblown!  It includes 96 products worth $2,235.92 for only $29.97!

To give you a better idea just why I’m so blown away let me break it down for you…

12 categories which include:

Ultimate Healthy Living BundleUltimate Healthy Living Bundle

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

Ultimate Healthy Living BundleUltimate Healthy Living Bundle

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

Ultimate Healthy Living BundleUltimate Healthy Living BundleUltimate Healthy Living Bundle





Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle







My favorites…

Well, Y’all know my current obsession with my Basil, LOL, so naturally, the gardening category has my attention! I in no way have a green thumb (as much as I want to think I do) so these sections are full of resources to better my season and harvest.

Gardening & Homesteading:

  1. Garden Herb Walk by Kami McBride breaks down the ins and outs of growing your favorite herbs.
  2. Vegetable Gardening the Easy Way by Jami Boys has been a great read. She so sweetly points out all of the things I’m doing wrong LOL.
  3. Understanding Your Climate by Angi Schneider has also provided a wealth of information. Apparently, just because I like the fruit or vegetable, doesn’t necessarily mean that it likes my climate, who knew!
  4.  Provident Homesteading by Julie Gropp

Trying to find more time to meal plan, rein in our grocery bills, and eat more nutritious foods is always a struggle. These sections help with those challenges and offer tips to sneak in those fruits & veggies.

Real Food & Healthy Kids:

  1. Meal Planning on a Budget Bundle by Dina-Marie Oswald 
  2. Healthier in 30 Days: Simple, Effective, Actionable Tips for Living a Healthier Life by Heather Behrends 
  3. Mommy & Me Recipe Binder Set by Laura Rizer
  4.  Real Food A to Z: Learn the Alphabet Picture Book by Starlene Stewart 

I’m all over any tips or tricks to keep our house illness free, especially during the school year. My dabbling in essential oils helps but these sections are taking my game up a notch!

Natural Remedies & Home and Beauty:

  1. Essential Oils Notebook by Crystal Brothers
  2. How to Be Healthy: Natural Remedies for Cold & Flu Care by Heidi Villegas
  3. DIY Face Masks and Scrubs by Stacy Karen
  4. Holistic Living For Penny Pinchers by Meg Richardson

Remember, this list is only scratching the surface (I have so many more favorites!) but I wanted to give you an idea of what kind of resources you can expect to see in this amazing bundle. PLUS, I haven’t even mentioned the BONUSES yet!

Let me share a few with you:

  • 50 FREE LOADS OF LAUNDRY WASH + FREE WASHING MACHINE CLEANER  from MyGreenFills – Guy’s, this fabulous company is located in Traverse City, Michigan! To all of my Michigan friends, I’m staying true to local biz even when bundling!!! 
  • FREE EYESHADOW DUO from Redeeming Beauty Minerals

If you’d like to see the full list of recourses and bonuses you can find it here>> 


This bundle is only available for a limited time (like really limited – 6 days!).

You can grab it: Wednesday, September 5 @ 8am ET through Monday, September 10 @ 11:59pm 

Like I mentioned above, it includes 96 products worth $2,235.92! 

You can get the full bundle for $29.97!

The best part of this deal is their Happiness Guarantee! It is truly a no questions asked full refund, however, if you’re willing to share why it’s always appreciated! Knowing what didn’t work helps with future bundle builds. Afterall, the goal is 100% satisfaction! Plus, you will probably be assisted by me 🙂

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2018

That’s it! All I can squeeze in this post 🙂 I’m hoping I’ve convinced you to give it a go. It is so much more than I can convey in text, you need to experience a BUNDLE to fully appreciate what we’re all about. I promise once you do you’ll be hooked and itching to snag all of our BUNDLES!

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