Things in 4th grade

Meeting New Friends

Meeting new kids is hard but when you start to talk and ask questions you find that you would be good friends. Like I met a girl in kindergarten her name is Kelsey we are very good friends now. We keep getting to know each other more and more each year.


Having a Good teacher

Having a good teacher is a good thing. Because they will be very nice and they love the whole class they make it easy for the whole class. But in my school all the 4th grade teachers were very nice except for one teacher and that was mine let’s call her Mrs. farmer she blamed the whole class when something happened when she walked out of the room for one second comes back sees a little mess she blames it on the whole class when we did not make the mess something fell.


Going to A Good School

Going to a good school is a good thing you might get good teachers and good friends. I go to a good school but I can’t tell you it. But I will tell you some details about my school. The school has good furniture and good classrooms like the library. The library has good furniture, good books and a good librarian.


I hope you enjoyed my writing piece about parts of my last school year.

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