Our Birthday Interview Tradition

Our Birthday Tradition

A Birthday Tradition

Well, the next couple of weeks will be filled with birthday cheer at our home! Both of my girls have their special day coming up which translates into stress for this Mama! In the mists of this hectic time, I always try to find time to sit down and reminisce about the previous year. I do a Birthday Interview which is essentially a list of questions that I ask each of my girls every year (I started at age 3). It is a really neat way to document your child’s likes and dislikes as well as fond memories that they have of the past year. Ask these questions every year and record the answers. Keep them in a binder to look back at and compare answers. It is absolutely amazing the changes they show from year to year. I have included a free printable so that you can easily start this fun Birthday Interview Tradition as well!


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