Do It Yourself

Diy Fish with beads

I love to craft. I make purses, dresses for my dolls and pencil cases.  Did you know DIY means Do It Yourself? Well, it does 🙂 I use different things to put together my projects. I use glue, hot glue gun, […]

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Rainy Day Fun

My most favorite thing to do on rainy days is drawing. I go to my computer to youtube and type “How to draw so cute”. She has so many things for kids to draw. Around Thanksgiving and Christmas, I like […]

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Hey there, I’m Hayden!

Welcome to Hayden’s Corner    Hi, my name is Hayden. I was born August 8th, 2008 (yep that’s right, 08/08/08 🙂 so that makes me ten right now. My favorite things are making crafts, watching youtube, go hunting, paint […]

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