Keeping The Dream Alive..

media-20160424At the end of most days I am so drained, both mentally and physically, I find myself looking for a pick me up. My kiddos are definitely that (at least when they are not the cause;) but as a family we needed to find “Our Happy Place”. Somewhere realistic we could all go to relax and recharge. Now I’m not talking about a tropical vacation or elaborate getaway, just an everyday outlet. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to purchase wooded acreage that we had been interested for years!  This has given us all the much need outlet we have been looking for and also a dream. A dream of what the future holds with endless media-20160425The possibility of building our dream house, creating the massive garden our oldest dreams of, farming or even having a treehouse made by the one and only Treehouse Master, anything is possible! We regularly go hiking through the trails and exploring new areas and camp out, anything to be there:) It has given our entire family something to look forward to and dream about! It’s all about the little things in life;)

Where is your “Happy Place”?

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