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Outside Coffee Co. a Great Place to Relax

Supporting Local, Outside Coffee Co.

Do you ever wish there was a local spot that you could go to when you need some time for some self-care, time with good friends, or a cute spot for a first date? Well, have I got the spot for you! If you live in the Grand Rapids area or are planning a visit you absolutely need to make a visit to check them out. This is the coolest spot in Grand Rapids. In fact, after reading this you will want to schedule a vacation to GR just to visit this place!

Unique & Fun

It is so unique and fun! They converted a vintage camper into a coffee shop and parked it in a community garden at Woosah Outfitters in Grand Rapids! How cool is that!? Tell me you have heard of another coffee shop as cool as this! They are now open all year round. How are they open in the winter months you ask? Oh, they just have these amazing HEATED IGLOOS! Yes! I said heated igloos! In the summer, they have beautiful plants and succulents for purchase. You can even bring your dog! Check out their FAQ section on their website for more info! You can take a stroll through the Woosah store for custom-made adult and child apparel, dog accessories, and great table reads among other things!

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

Everyone that knows me, knows that I love coffee! So, I am right at home here at the here. They have a delicious coffee menu consisting of espresso, americano, and lattes with different flavor options (the honey lavender is my favorite!). There are specialty coffees of course and they have milk alternatives!  If iced coffee is your thing they have that too! Not a coffee drinker? That’s okay! They also have Kombucha, which I also have an obsession with, iced tea and hot tea. No matter what your taste buds crave they will have something you will love.

Speaking of taste buds…

They also have food! Yes, not like this place could get any more amazing but they can because they have the most delicious food! My mom and I went to the Outside Coffee Co. a few weekends ago when she was visiting. We tried their Goat Cheese Toast with seasonal jam…mouth-watering goodness! My parents are coming for another visit next weekend and she is already talking about how we have to stop here so she can have some more of that Goat Cheese Toast! They also have avocado toast that is DA BOMB! Have a sweet tooth? You’re covered. They also have pastries!

So, what are you waiting for!?

Head over on your own or with friends; It’s a great spot to meet new people and grab a coffee and some peanut butter toast and get comfortable at one of their tables, yard chairs, or even hammocks! Bring your computer and get outside to do some work or finish that book you have stopped and started four times now.

Treat yourself! You won’t be disappointed. 🙂

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