Summertime Fun – Ideas To Keep The Kiddos Busy


Summertime Fun To Keep The Kiddos Active and Busy all Summer Long

I bought an inexpensive slip and slide the other day while grabbing a birthday gift for my daughter’s friend. It was just one of those random items that catches your eye at the toy store and cause a quick flashback of fun from your own childhood. I figured I could pull it out on a boring summer day to give the girls something new to play. Well, we got it out yesterday and they absolutely loved it! It also got me thinking about what other fun flashback activities I could come up with and have on hand or at least a list of for summertime fun. I came up with a pretty long list and most required little or no cost, just some thought and ingenuity!

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Here’s my list:

What do your kiddos enjoy? I’d love to hear from you!



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