BloggyCon 2016 Rewind

My Trip to BloggyCon 2016

I had the opportunity to attend BloggyCon a couple weeks ago in Sandusky, Ohio. It was a great experience and also my very first blog related conference. I not only was able to connect with the many amazing speakers attending but also gained a few new bloggy friends!

This conference is focused on social media and how to harness each platform. The topics covered ranged from SEO to making YouTube work for you. While all of the breakouts where very informative, the after hours chatting was invaluable. Having the opportunity to pick the brains of other bloggers and understand their process was great! Even better than that was having the opportunity to bounce ideas off of more experiences writers. All of this in a no pressure, no judgment environment which to me was priceless! Personally, this experience has given me the confidence to look at this new venture as a possible future career rather than just a dream or hobby.

I would absolutely recommend this conference to any blogger, including newbies or even anyone considering blogging. It is decently priced and the setting is less intimidating than others I have researched. Bonus: It is very family oriented so bring the kiddos. The location this year was at Cedar Point’s nicest hotel and park tickets were provided!

If you are interested in finding out more about Bloggy Con checkout their site:

Bloggy Conference 2016 at Cedar Point

You can also visit my post, The Best of BloggyCon 2016

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