Easy DIY Yarn Pumpkin Craft

Easy Yarn Pumpkin Craft

Easy Yarn Pumpkin Craft

The Leaves are Falling… It’s Pumpkin time! Here’s a super simple and inexpensive Fall yarn pumpkin craft you can do with kids (and adults!) of any age! I’ll warn you though, it is a bit messy so make sure to do it in an easy to clean area 😉 We did it in the kitchen on a washable linen tablecloth so I could just pop it in the washer when we were done. Hint: everything used is washable for this one 🙂


Easy Yarn Pumpkin Craft 3

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What you’ll need:

Hint: Need some suggestions for supplies? Click on the links above or you can find my recommended items from Amazon at the bottom of this post:)



Easy Yarn Pumpkin Craft 2


Step 1)

Blow up the balloons to your desired size. Hint: To create a more “round” shape, don’t overfill your balloons. Leaving them less inflated will help avoid the teardrop shape.

Easy Yarn Pumpkin Craft 4


Step 2)

Pour glue in a bowel and soak your chosen yarn in the glue. Hint: Don’t cut the yarn. You can gradually add more from the skein as you need it.


Easy Yarn Pumpkin Craft 5


Step 3)

Get your wrap on! Well, not really but you do need to start wrapping your balloon:) The easiest way to start is at the bottom of the balloon where you can loosely tie the yarn around the XXX of the balloon. From there you can either tightly or loosely wrap the yarn around the balloon changing direction to create the desired coverage and look you are working for. Hint: Make sure you are consistent with the tension of yarn wrapping. You will want to continue to wrap tightly if that is how you start and vice-versa. Otherwise, your creation will not adhere together securely when drying.


Easy Yarn Pumpkin Craft 1


Step 4)

Let your masterpiece dry AT LEAST overnight, ours required two nights. What you are looking for is all strands COMPLETELY dry. Then, pop the balloon and gently remove it from the center of your pumpkin. This will require some gentle persuasion especially if your kiddo really got into the glue application:)  Hint: If you complete the final step before it is COMPLETELY dry, you’ll end up with a knotted ball of gooey yarn, not a pumpkin.


DIY Yarn Pumpkin Decor Craft


Step 5)

Now you can shape/style and add your pipe cleaners for a stem and leaves/vines. Hint: If your pumpkin came out with a bit of an odd shape, don’t be afraid to gently push in/down the top or bottom to create the desired look you are after! We pushed in the bottom a bit as it was more of a teardrop shape than we wanted. This, in turn, allowed our pumpkin to sit better making it easier to display with our Fall decor. 

That’s it! Have fun, get creative, and make it your own! 

We’d love to see yours, share your creations in the comments!

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Yarn Pumpkin Craft

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