And we’re off!

This is my first official blog post and I am so excited! I have so many things to share I have had a hard time deciding where to begin!  So without further ado…

I’d like to start by giving a little insight as to my decision to start this blog. I was a late bloomer as far as college goes. After a number of major changes, I finally decided on Information Technology. Know, when I say “a number of major changes”, I literally mean 8! I went from secretarial, to diagnostic ultrasound, to nursing, to accounting, to paralegal, to business to finally ending at information technology. I was very indecisive, to say the least:) When I finally graduated from Central Michigan University I was 30 something married with a daughter, talk about doing it the hard way.

I’d have to say that all of that chaos has led me to where I am today and I couldn’t be happier! Starting this blog is somewhat of a dream of mine. I have a few favorites that I have been following for years which have inspired me to just take the leap (or as I like to say “follow my arrow”:) and see where it takes me.

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